UC Browser Mini for Android 10.1.5

Source:UCWeb Inc.

The fastest and most full-featured mobile browser. UC inside, world in hand!

UC Browser, widely known as "UCWEB", is a mobile browser featured with its fast connection, leading compression, powerful download management and stable functions.

Since 2004, UC Mobile have made the cloud computing structure into mobile browser, which leaded the whole world.

It now provides two different browsing mode(Data Saving and Full Function) for users to enjoy browsing according to different data plans. The Data Saving mode will make you save up to 85% traffic while browsing, the Full Function will provide you the best browsing experience. It also provides comfortable features for your browsing, such as the featured site navigation, easy preference, pre-load, night mode...

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, and all your favorite sites will load very fast at the same time within UC Browser. This new version also comes with "My Shortcuts" function which can make you saving your most visited sites just on your home screen.

UC Browser combined web browsing, web searching, web navigating, downloading and other features. UC Mobie have focused on mobile browser field, and got a fulfilled technique accumulation. UC Browser has better url inputing, page rendering, uploading and downloading, data compressing and more assistant feature than any other competitors. In About.com's 2011 reader's choice election, UC Browser has got most votes than Opera Mini, Firefox mobile, Dolphin Browser and Bolt. Try it and let it be your daily choice!

Welcome to our forum - http://forum.ucweb.com. Your voice is always the power we make it better!

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